An Ethical Quandary… Being “Smart”

I’ve been faced with an ethical quandary… how much money would you take to promote a product you have never tested?  I try my best to stay true to my readers and when I do sponsored trips I’m sure everyone knows they are sponsored.

Oceanic Time Warner is about to roll out a new social media package promoting the “Smart Home”

I have no problem sponsoring and promoting products and/or companies that are proven to be good companies.

Now I’m being asked into a new venture w/ a S#IT load of capital… and no guidance.

I won’t jeopardize my readers w/ this product unless I can see a benefit given to folks… even if it is “the future” and where the world is going.

I’m willing to give it a beta trial and willing to support this company as I know it has really good intentions…. although I know the bottom line for this company is profit.

Will see where this leads and I will be honest about things… hope folks don’t think I’m a sell out!

Honesty is the best platform… I will totally support a good company that is doing good things to everyone… while accepting fringe benefits.

If the product sucks… well then I bail on the project… yeah?

2 Responses

  1. First of all, and I don’t mean this as a criticism, is your blog that critical? It’s mostly news with a bit of commentary, right? In my opinion, you don’t owe your readership any explanation.

    Take for instance your comment about political ads the other day. I read it and thought “who cares which ads you run or don’t?” It’s your blog. Do what you want.

  2. Actually, the moral thing to do is tell what you think, whether positive or negative. If you take free stuff and only report positive experiences, you’re just an advertising vehicle. Imagine going into a restaurant and they give you a terrible appetizer, an inedible main course, and a good dessert. If a friend asked you how it was, would you say “the desserts are good”?

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