The Kona Blog Ends After 6 Year Run

A couple months ago Blogger Aaron Stene of The Kona Blog told his viewers that he was going on a hiatus from blogging for awhile.

Tonight, I’m saddened to learn that Mr. Stene has decided after more then 6 years of blogging, that he pulled the plug on the Kona Blog and deleted the entire contents of the site as of last night.

I had to look for myself to see if it was true and sure enough I got the following message:

I myself have always felt a closeness to The Kona Blog as it was one of the original blogs here on the Big Island and one of the first to “link” my sites to it via a “Blogroll”.

The Kona Blog was voted as one of the Best Blogs on the Big Island alongside Hunter Bishop’s old blog a few years back, so this means that we have now lost two great blogs on this island

I wish Aaron the best at whatever he has plans on doing next.  I don’t think Mayor Kenoi is hiring him or anything… however, you can still view some of his posts via commentary at

And bro… I will still kick your ass in a game of hoops if we ever play!

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  1. His blog will be missed.

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