Congressional Candidate Bob Marx Receives Endorsement from Hawaiian Homestead Group

Second Congressional Candidate Bob Marx is honored by endorsement from Hawaiian Homestead group.

Edwin Miranda and Michael Johns Endorse Bob Marx for Congress

At a press conference on Earth Day in Hilo, HI, Bob Marx today accepted the endorsement of two prominent members of the Hawaiian Homestead group, Edwin Miranda and Michael Johns. Speaking on behalf of thousands of friends and Homesteaders, Miranda stated: “We need a strong neighbor island candidate to represent the neighbor island issues.” Miranda continued, “He’s a good friend; known him for the past four years—he’s kind of a funny guy, but a great listener.”


Edwin LP “Ed” Miranda currently holds a gubernatorial appointment and serves on the Hawai‘i Island Burials Council. Mr. Miranda  is  a  graduate  of  Castle  High  School, and received  his  Bachelor  of  Science  in General Agriculture from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in 1988. He has also worked extensively for the USDA Soil Conservation Service on the islands of Maui and Molokai. “Eddie” is also a Navy Submarine veteran. Mr. Miranda’s testimony stated: “His extensive people skills in his years of  working in the Hawaiian community will surely serve as an asset.” Marx said he was “thrilled to have Mr. Miranda on board.”

As an attorney in Hilo, Marx has represented thousands of people over the past 32 years. The diversity of the clients Mr. Marx has is not dissimilar to the population of Hawai‘i as a whole. Marx has performed many cases pro bono (free of charge), on a wide range of legal issues, including helping women out of abusive relationships and on water rights and sewage issues in the Puna area.

Michael John, also of the Keaukaha Homestead group, spoke to Bob’s excellent record of public service, including pro bono work he had done for the people in Keaukaha. Mr. John talked about the issues that Bob had volunteered his services for, noting that: “Bob is the first ever to stand up and address Hawaiian issues with us, be it the water issue, homesteading, sewage. We’ve had these problems that have been in existence for many, many years. Bob–has just come out and volunteered his services to help us.”

“I’m behind Bob also, and everyone else I know are behind Bob…” Mr. John said. “I know they’ll like Bob. He’s the first–first ever to come forward with that help. And I thank you very much, Bob.”

“I really want to thank these friends, and brothers of mine. I want you to know that my door will always be open,” Marx humbly stated. “Even when I am elected [to] Congress I do not intend to stop listening…and to help all people of Hawai‘i improve their conditions.”

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  1. He doesn’t event understand Hawaiian issues. Based on my research Bob has spend most of his life living in the mainland. You people need to do your homework.

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