How to Creme Your Egg – Happy Easter

I love those Cadbury Creme Eggs that come out this time of the year.

Cadbury Creme Egg

Check out this video on the best way to “Creme” one.

A Rube Goldberg machine that is used to squish a Creme Egg. It goes around the walls of our lounge.


Here are some answers to questions people keep asking me:
– the ringing ball comes out of the red flipping box.
– the painting tilts, which causes the top ball to run down it.
– a keen eye will notice the egg unravels out of its foil wrapping.
– at around 1:52, the balls are rolling behind a sheet of glass that is at a slight angle so that the balls have to revolve a lot just to move a small amount.
– it took about 6 months to make and 3 days / 200 takes to film.

Much credit must be give to the amazing Pitagora Suicchi ones for all their original ideas!

2 Responses

  1. That was fun! :-)

  2. Mythbusters would be so proud to recreate this Rube Goldberg. LOL

    A Big Island food blogger, Gwen, made her own alcoholic version of creme egg. It’s pretty easy and come on, there’s liquor in it! Can’t beat that!

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