Poll – Should Man that “Detained” Cell Phone Pervert Face Legal Charges?

Well I think we have all heard about the recent incident involving the cell phone pervert, Faavae Tuinei, who was using his phone to record girls in public bathrooms.

Faavae E. Tuinei

Well now it looks like the police are looking to possibly charge the man that “detained” the pervert after “uncle” found out what the perv was doing to his 13-year-old niece.

The Hawaii Tribune reports:

…The girl, who appeared uncomfortable recalling the incident, said she also saw the phone being held by a man underneath the stall’s partition.

Her cousin told the court her boyfriend chased Tuinei from the restroom.

The cousin’s boyfriend, Laimana Mauga, initially identified by police as the girl’s uncle, then allegedly assaulted Tuinei.

Mauga, who police say physically restrained Tuinei with the help of two others, did not testify Thursday because of the possibility of an assault charge being filed against him. Judge Barbara Takase committed Tuinei’s case to 3rd Circuit Court…

So I know what I would do if I were the girl’s “uncle” and I’m sure many of us would do the same thing… I won’t say it publicly… but I think we all know what I’m thinking!

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4 Responses

  1. The guy got what he deserves. The cops should ask themselves “what if it were their child?, Their wife, their mom, their girlfriend, their grandchild?” some things are better left to Karma and in this situation KARMA came fast!! Good thing because there were multiple incidents of which the police are not talking about where this perv did the same thing to in several other places and to several other young woman.

  2. Forcible detainment is never a pretty or clean thing, even for trained professionals. Sometimes you gotta crack a few heads when guys are fighting for their lives to get away with their crimes. This guy shouldn’t face charges – I like the way that Hawaii cops generally just let things like this work themselves out…it’s unique among the states.

  3. Quite honestly, detaining someone generally requires a little “rough housing”.

    The guy’s face doesn’t look that bad anyway. As long as the uncle didn’t give him a serious concussion or other major/life threatening injury. I’m good with the so-called assault.

  4. Right on bro! glad he pounded that sick punk.

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