Worlds Longest Zip Line Proposed for the Big Island

The world’s longest zip line has been proposed for the Island of Hawaii.

An Australian company wants to build a zip line from the top of Mauna Kea down to Coconut Island

Mauna Kea Zip, LLC., has applied for a permit to install and operate what will be the longest zip line in the world at over 6 miles long.  The proposed plan would have the platform rise 40 feet in the air from the Mauna Kea Visitors Information Center and would propel riders approximately 55 – 65 miles per hour down to Coconut Island in Hilo, Hawaii.

If approved, the zip line would start from the Mauna Kea Visitors Information Center

Company President Lipra Sloof, said that while they expect some opposition from folks that don’t want these type of activities happening on Mauna Kea… Zip Lining has proven to be an industry that does little environmental harm.

Longest zip line in the world with the most beautiful scenery planned.

If approved by the County of Hawaii, the zip line would become the longest in the world.

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