Victim Speaks Up About Colt Brennan Car Wreck Accident – “My Two Cents”

On November 19, 2010 a terrible car accident happened involving former University of Hawaii Quarterback Colt Brennan and his girlfriend Shakti Stream where their car was involved in a wreck with Big Island Doctor Theresa Wang that left Brennan with broken ribs and injuries to his head and Dr. Wang with serious injuries to her head and body.

Brennan has seemingly recovered from from the accident now that he has been signed on to play with a Canadian Football League team.  Brennan and his girlfriend Stream were a bit more lucky then Dr. Wang was according to KHON 2 News:

…”Two months at Queen’s Medical Center, three months at Craig Hospital in Denver, and four months at Center for Neural Skills in Bakersfield, California. It’s just been a whirlwind,” described Chen.

“David has been amazing. He is an amazing caregiver, amazing husband and friend of the community,” said family member Darrin Gee.

Their world was turned upside down in an instant last November. An SUV driven by Brennan’s girlfriend, Shakti Stream, crossed the center line and slammed into Wang’s sedan. She suffered a serious head injury and several broken bones. The couple’s faith helped to sustain them, and they’re looking forward to being back at Waikoloa Community Church on Sunday…

A clip from Dr. Wang's Facebook page

The last few days I’ve had a chance to get to know Dr. Wang a bit further through Facebook and email correspondence and she has given me the following account of what she can remember about the incident.

How are you doing in your recovery?

Astounding! I have progress from being wheel chair dependent most of the time to now walking with the assistance of a cane  and without if needed! My physical therapy sessions are progressing from daily to once every two weeks with doing home exercises. That is the physical side of things. Cognitively I am doing better in that I can follow most of a movie and am able to read a book, the newspaper and remember what I have read. I still need reminders for taking medications and a way to check off that I have taken the meds. I was started on HCG and that has helped a lot with my physical and cognitive improvement. It is expensive but I am thankful that UHA is covering the cost and the company Genentech has a co payment reimbursement plan for it.

What do you remember of the accident?

Nothing in fact a lot of my memories for even before the accident has been erased although some is percolating back since I came home to Hawaii and also read a diary that I usually keep.

How has your life changed since the accident?

It has been turned upside down then right-side up. Financially we are not doing well and it doesn’t look like I will be going back to practice medicine but we both have found peace and cherish the good in each other as well as the world. If doomsday was to come tomorrow I would have no regrets on what we have done in our lives and I would be confident in the thought that I would see my husband in the afterlife. I do struggle from time to time with anger and frustration with Colt and Shakti but when I calmed down I realize that both of them are simply kids who are trying to make it big in their lives. I’m more concern with Colt as he is in a field that will only continue to aggravate his head injury.

Has Colt and/or Shakti contacted you personally and if so…do they remain in contact?

Colt has not but his father has and I did reply back to him. His father is a very gracious man and has been following my blogsite which incidentally is written by my husband and I just provide the entertainment value:). Shakti has written to my husband and from what I can recall..she is getting treatment for her broken collar bone through Alohacare and has gone to Honolulu for care covered by Alohacare. We do not remain in contact with Shakti.

What have you learned about this accident that folks don’t know that needs to be put out there?

Do you mean what have I learned from this accident? About this accident …most folks know it all simply because it was such a public accident and I think people knew more than I did about the details. I’m actually learning more details from the oddest places …at the rehab place I attend, from other patients there, from flight attendants on Hawaiian airlines because they knew Shakti in school and even at the opening ceremony at West Hawaii Community Health Center (my previous employer). Most people knew the two were arguing at the time. I did get to see the police photos of my car and the ouside was really mangled up so I was shocked by how intact the interior was. If I saw only the interior and knew nothing about the accident I would not believe that the car was in an accident. It was a SAAB and I bought it after my Trooper Isuzu was totaled by a woman who ran a red light and was driving a Parisian plus speeding. I had bought the SAAB for its concentration on safety. I’m really happy to see that the automobile industry is focused on safety features. Of course the industry can’t protect us from everything especially ourselves when we do stupid things like drink and drive, running red lights or texting or driving distracted. Personally, I feel a fund should be started where people who receive tickets for violating those laws must also contribute to above the actual ticket costs and then victims can tap into this fund for their financial needs. 

Lawsuits is typically a dirty word and I, as a physician am not keen on it but sometimes there is a more practical need for it. My lawyer Ian Mattoch is a sweet man who is working hard for the brain injured and it is an area that is overlooked by the medical field, government and health industry. It is becoming more prevalent and more attention should be brought to the public awareness even more so than cancer or AIDS!

My two cents… Theresa Wang

Dr. Theresa Wang and Brother Noland

Click to learn more about Dr. Wang's story

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  1. You are ALWAYS in our prayers Dr. Wang!

  2. At the end of the day my only question is:

    Why is Shakti still walking around a free woman not facing any
    criminal charges for almost killing Theresa Wang? Even reckless
    driving a traffic ticket would have been nice. Hawaii police are
    to blame for allowing this woman her get out of jail card. It
    would have been nice to have the Kona Comm. Hospital check
    her alcohol levels while treating her. It was probably a DUI.

    Cover-up time!

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