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Filipino Friday – Hawaii County Delegation in the Philippines

Mayor Kenoi returned home from the Philippines today and posted the following on his Facebook page:

The Hawaii County Delegation

Mayor Kenoi said the following on his facebook page:

Here’s a photo of our delegation on our first day in the Philippines, on our trip to see how the people there are using natural assets similar to ours on Hawaiʻi Island. From left, Lito Ilagan of the Kona Visayan Club who helped connect Ormoc City and Hawaiʻi County; Randy Kurohara, Director of County Research & Development; Richard Ha and Wally Ishibashi of the Geothermal Working Group; Rose Bautista, County Immigration Specialist; Mike Kaleikini of Puna Geothermal Venture; Jane Clement of the Kona Visayan Club; Councilman Angel Pilago and his wife Nita; Jay Ignacio of HELCO; Paulette Cainglit, our Sister City Coordinator; Dr. Bruce Matthews of UH Hilo; and Dutch Kuyper of Parker Ranch. Also in our delegation but missing from this photo was Will Rolston, County Energy Coordinator, and Dr. Sonny Genio of the Kona Visayan Club.

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