Adopt a Tree and Watch it Grow Program Announced at Ahu Lani Sanctuary on the Big Island

Ahu Lani Sanctuary, a forestry and community center on the Big Island of Hawaii, announced today their unique gift program called “Adopt A Tree and Watch It Grow.” This program allows individuals to adopt a tree for themselves or a chosen recipient and in return receive a certificate of adoption along with photos of their adopted tree every year for ten years.

Ahu Lani Sanctuary plants a native koa tree in the name of the recipient, photographs the seedling and takes its GPS coordinates. A formal Certificate of Adoption is mailed to the recipient containing the photo, GPS coordinates and an optional special message designated by the buyer. The growth of the koa tree is tracked and photographed with a photo sent on each anniversary of its planting for ten years.

“Our Adopt A Tree makes a unique gift or memorial that is both long-lasting and eco-friendly,” said Brynn Burbach, Ahu Lani’s Social Media Marketing Director. “In addition, we are planting native Hawaiian koa trees which are very highly regarded in Hawaiian culture and produce a beautiful hardwood after 30 to 50 years of growth.”

Each adopted tree costs $100, or $10 per year over the ten-year tracking period. Adopters can extend the period of their adoption and/or adopt a tree for a lifetime to ensure it will never be cut down. Other options include “Adopt A Grove” under which a small grove of native Hawaiian forest plants are planted on behalf of the recipient, and the “Plant A Tree Experience” under which people visiting the Big Island can come to the remote forestry center and plant a koa tree with their own hands.

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