If HB1672 Becomes Law, Tax Evasion Informants Can Receive Monetary Award from State of Hawaii

The House of Representatives today passed a measure through its third reading that would award people who blow the whistle on those who fail to pay their fair share of taxes in the State of Hawaii. HB1672 models the whistle-blower program provided by the Internal Revenue Services.

If the information provided is the basis for a Department of Taxation administrative or judicial action for violations of tax laws, the whistle-blowers could receive 15 – 30 percent of the proceeds collected.

Criteria to receive an award are as follows:

  • In a case dealing with an individual, his or her income must exceed $200,000 for any taxable year subject to action taken by the Department of Taxation.
  • The amount in dispute for an individual taxpayer must exceed $500,000.
  • Information provided to the Department of Taxation is submitted under penalty of perjury.

HB1672 was introduced by Representative Isaac Choy. It will now crossover to the Senate for consideration.

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