Nasty Wreck in Front of Malama Market in Pahoa

Well its been a while since I’ve posted pictures of wrecks along Highway 130.  It’s definitely not because they aren’t happening… I just haven’t felt the need to document all of them and I don’t want the police to have any reason to give me grief just for taking pictures on the side of the road.

Today I drove past another nasty wreck in front of Malama Market.  A little while later, someone posted the following picture on facebook stating “Drive Safely”!

Wreck occurred about 2:00 today in front of Malama Market in Pahoa. Photo by Shyanna Robinson

Former Hawaii State Rep and Senator John Leopold Indicted on Serious Charges

A former Hawaii State House Representative and Senator in the 1970’s, John Leopold, has been indicted on the mainland for many serious allegations:

John Leopold

A grand jury indicted Anne Arundel County Executive John Leopold for allegedly misusing his county police protection squad, charging him with removing opponents’ campaign signs and asking officers to wait while he had sex with a county employee in parking lots, the state prosecutor’s office said Friday.

Leopold, 69, is charged with four counts of misconduct in office and one count of fraudulent misappropriation by a fiduciary…

The article went on to say:

…Before becoming county executive, Leopold served 20 years in the House of Delegates. He served in the Hawaii State House of Representatives from 1970 to 1974 and the Hawaii State Senate from 1974 to 1978.

Full article here: AA Co. Executive Indicted for Alleged Misconduct