Commentary – Please Reinstate Principal John Colson to His Position at Waimea Middle Public Conversion Charter School

Aloha Charter School Review Panel,

The Ho’okako’o School Board came in from Honolulu and disrupted our school, hurt our keiki, and disrespected the parents by removing our respected Principal, John Colson from Waimea Middle Public Conversion Charter School on the Big Island. It looks like they made him sign a gag order in the process. Nobody is telling us why this has been done.

John Colson (middle)

The Ho’okako’o School Board has stonewalled the faculty and parents by refusing to give us any answers. This is not respectful to the Waimea community in any way. We feel like we are being steamrolled over in this situation. They seem to be saying that it is none of our business. I say that this is very much our business. My son is a student at Waimea Middle Public Conversion Charter School.
We want Mr. Colson reinstated. That would be the right thing to do. You don’t change horses in midstream.
Principal John Colson is widely respected. He is the best person to continue the very good work that he has done for this school.
Please reverse this tragedy that has come to the Waimea (Kamuela) community. Please help us.
Steve Summers
Kamuela, H

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