State of Hawaii Broadband Initiative Speed Test… Failure on My End

Back in August, Governor Abercrombie  launched a major economic development initiative to provide statewide access to affordable ultra high-speed Internet by 2018. The “Hawai’i Broadband Initiative”  is essential to build a vibrant and sustainable economy and workforce in Hawai’i and improve the quality of life for residents.

Anyone that understands the internet and what high-speed internet access can provide and possibly do for all of us in Hawaii… should be at least happy to learn that at least it now appears the State is going to be doing something about it with the State of Hawaii Broadband Initiative Speed Test that they launced today:

You can now help the State of Hawaii Broadband Initiative and our goal of providing affordable, ultra high-speed Internet access for all of Hawaii’s citizens by taking our speed test! The data we collect will assist us in identifying and closing gaps in service throughout the State.

Click to go to the site where you can test your speeds for the state

My guess is that many folks may fear this type of data gathering by government agencies but the state says:

…To participate, click on the link below to check your Internet speed and provide your street address, Internet carrier, and type of connection.  This information will only be used by the State to map broadband coverage and to categorize the data collected, and will not be disclosed to any third parties…

Well I just attempted to take the test from my location in Pahoa, Hawaii… and it just seemed to freeze up on me!  I’ve now taken the test twice and it just seems to freeze up on the following screen:

I wonder if it’s just because the test was just launched and lots of folks are trying it… or I’m just a computer loser when it comes to my broadband speeds.

2 Responses

  1. Broadband internet will always increase in demand in the following years.

  2. Good to see folks writing about this. Thanks for being on it Damon.

    My opinion is that every time “the government” builds an app like this they’re taking money from the private sector.

    For example, thousands of people on our island already use SpeedTest to test their connection speed. It the most widely adopted and used online speed test. Anyone can use the service to compare their Internet connection speed with anywhere else in the world.

    It’s a better tool because it’s more accurate, more trustworthy and more open for anyone in the state to use.

    Here’s an example:

    More government talk, followed by research, followed by more talk. The only thing the government is interested in on the Internet is our private data:

    I would agree that without access, privacy means little online but the link above would probably be considered a serious issue by anyone with a connection to the Internet. Especially considering that they are now trying to confirm our locations. -Mahalo

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