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Board of Education Grants Laupahoehoe Charter School Appeal – Will Open July 2012

The Board of Education Affirms That Laupahoehoe Community Public Charter School Will Open July 2012.

Laupahoehoe Charter School will open in July 2012 following the State of Hawai`i Board of Education (BOE) final decision issued on Wednesday January 24, 2012.  (Please see attached decision.)

The decision came one week after the BOE heard two appeals brought by Laupahoehoe Community Public Charter School (LCPCS) that challenged the actions of the Charter School Review Panel (CSRP). The Panel had ignored an amendment to the school’s implementation plan setting local school board elections by September, 2012 and directed that the school not open before the 2013-2014 school year.

On behalf of the Interim Local School Board, ILSB President Niki Barton Hubbard stated:  “We thank the BOE for its strong support for charter school students and for educational reform by overturning the CSRP’s misguided directives. The ILSB looks forward to working with the school and community to open a great school in July 2012.   The ILSB also thanks the many supporters in the Laupahoehoe school community who have worked for years to improve education for area students.  The ILSB expects that the Department of Education and CSRP will use their best efforts for the benefit of the students to ensure a smooth transition for the charter school opening.”  In March, 2012 LCPCS plans to hold its first welcoming celebration and information event in Laupahoehoe for new and existing students, parents, school employees and community members.

The ILSB continues to seek highly qualified teachers, school administrators and staff for the charter school.   Current LHES employees and other who wish to be considered for employment are encouraged to submit applications by February 15, 2012 to info@laupahoehoecharterschool.com.  A formal submission is required. Instructions can be found at www.laupahoehoecharterschool.com.

One Response

  1. Really? “a formal submission is required”? Both the DOE and the union agree that during a transition years, teachers and staff do NOT have to “apply” for their jobs–they already have them.

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