Navy Plans to Deploy a “Great Green Fleet” Powered by Alternative Fuels

I’ve had the opportunities to do a lot of cool stuff in the last few years with the US Navy.  Everything from getting flown out to the middle of the Pacific Ocean and landing on the USS Ronald Reagan and getting catapulted off it, to going out to sea with the Destroyer USS Chung Hoon, and just recently getting a tour of the nuclear powered submarine the USS Cheyenne.

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I just read that next year the US Navy is going to be doing some exercises off the Hawaii coast that will involve the fleet using alternative fuels:

This year off the Hawaiian coast, an exercise will demonstrate a green strike group of Navy ships, and by 2016 the Navy plans to deploy a “Great Green Fleet” powered entirely by alternative fuels, said Chris Tindal, the director of operational energy in the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Energy.

For the Hawaii exercise, “we’ve got a carrier and a submarine on nuclear power, but then we also will have the air wing on the carrier using biofuels, along with two destroyers and a cruiser,” Tindal said. “That’s going to be a big opportunity for us to show that it really can happen…”

This sounds like a real good opportunity for Big Island farmers to start getting more into the Biofuel crops real soon!  Now I just need to get in good with the new Admiral that just took charge of the Pacific Fleet.  Admiral Cecil Haney… can you hear me… I’d love to check out these exercises!

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  1. This is a great idea because it not only helps the energy crisis, but also agricultural farmers. If the Navy goes through with this, I think they will see huge improvements in other organization and it will be a chain reaction. A boost in the agricultural economy would always be a plus too.

  2. This is so cool…& The very sort of thing I expect of my U.S.NAVY….I am a Proud NAVY Vet.

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