Governor Abercrombie Expected to Release Emergency Appropriation Funds to Support Kidney and Liver Transplants

Conference Committee Scheduled to Address Organ Transplant Facility in Hawaii

WHAT: A conference committee on HB608 RELATING TO HEALTH will re-open.  HB608 appropriates funds, subject to a dollar-for-dollar match with private funds, to support a kidney and liver transplant provider in Hawaii, and to support a federally recognized chronic kidney disease management program.

WHEN: Monday, January 23, 2012 1:30 p.m.

WHERE: Hawaii State Capitol, Room 229

WHY: Governor Abercrombie is expected to release Emergency Appropriation funds, as required by HB608, to support kidney and liver transplants in Hawaii.  The recent closure of Hawaii Medical Center has strained the state’s health system and has left Hawaii without a Center for Medicare and Medicaid-certified service provider for kidney and liver transplants.

WHO: House conferees: Representatives Yamane, Morikawa (co-chairs), and Jordan, Wooley, Ching.      Senate conferees: Senator Green, Chun-Oakland (co-chairs), and Slom.

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