Got Sunblock? Rest In Peace Samantha Channels

I’m saddened to learn that a friend of mine, Samantha Channels, has passed away.

Click to here to read more about Samantha's story at http://gotsunblock.Com

People from all over the world have been touched by her story and her facebook page is being flooded with thoughts from friends of hers.

Her last post on Facebook was on New Years Eve where she posted the following out to her facebook friends:

I have a few friends that have lost their lives to cancer and even my own mother has had skin cancer at one point in her life.

Many folks here in Hawaii don’t use sunblock when they go out in the sun.  I hope folks will remember Samantha Channels the next time they do go out in the sun for an extended period of time.

On part of her website she wanted to thank a few of her friends, sponsors and supporters so in memory of Sam… I’ll give them some support here as well:

Special Thanks to..

Sponsors & Support from the Melanoma Research Foundation (, Banana Boat/HawaiiBan Tropic (Jon Mabuni), Malama Music Company, LLC, 808Fifty Clothing & Sticker’s, Cerjo USA Sunglasses, FEARLESS HAWAIIAN, Sleek To Chic Salon and Day Spa , WMI, Surfers for Autism, Big Island Harley Davidson, Native FM, Palekana kai Oceàn Water. Safety non-profit Hilo, Kspin Designs, HiloWebDesigns, Lost Soul Clothing,, N808Thang,  & also from awesome Supporters, Friends and Family like you.

Samantha Channels

2 Responses

  1. I remember Samantha always, and I pray that her family are finding moments of peace. This was a touching post, and I wish Samantha’s Mom love.
    Rest in peace Samantha.

  2. My baby, my child. You were born on a Saturday and left to go to heaven on a Sunday. In 36 short years you taught more folks about melanoma (skin cancer) than most have ever been able to in years and years. People seem to think that “tans” are the way to look beautiful and with “jersey shore” & all, people are so fooled what the sun REALLY CAN DO! If you have to have a tan, please get it out of a bottle or better yet, NOT AT ALL. Really wants more important, a tan or UR LIFE? Also know melanoma isnt just from the run, it runs in your genes! So if you see a mole that just doesn’t look right, the the sake of yourself, your spouse, our children, or like me your MOTHER, GET IT CHECKED! If you would like to find out more check out it might help you open you’re eyes.
    Samantha, I LOVE YOU MY BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER OF MINE! You left us all to soon, but we pray you’re with the rest of our angels in heaven watching over us. I can only hope I will be there with you soon! As the song goes “Gone to soon….!

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