Highway 130 and Malama Market Intersection to Become Round-A-Bout

Anyone that has driven through the intersection at Highway 130 and Old Government Road (Malama Market Intersection) knows how dangerous that intersection is and how danger Highway 130 is in general.

Well it looks like that intersection is going to be turned into a round-a-bout fairly soon.

Department of Transportation (HDOT), Highways Division is seeking qualified consultants to provide general engineering services for Keaau-Pahoa Road, Intersection Improvements at Old Government Road, Island of Hawaii.

The Intent of project is to improve operations and address and reduce the number of crashes at subject intersection by converting existing T-Intersection into a single-lane modern roundabout.

I just read about the consultation contract and the contract will be a Definite Quantity Contract, in accordance with §3-122-142, HAR. A contract time of performance of 6 months, and a budget of $500,000 are anticipated.

You can read more about the solicitation for the project here,  and let’s hope this thing gets fixed before we have any more serious accidents there.

In other Highway 130 related news, Senator Gilbert Kahele will be continuing his talk stories about Highway 130 on Thursday, December 1st from 6-8 pm at the Pahoa Community Center.

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  2. I have to cross this highway every morning when I walk to school every morning. So many cars come in and out of that highway every single day. It is so scary! I go to Hawaii Academy of Arts and sciences just down the road and I have to walk there every morning. One thing that really bothers me though, there is no street lights at these intersections Yet there is accidents on them at least every month. Down at the intersectin by HAAS, students have to cross the street with no lights, crosswalks, or even SIGNS! I mean, COME ON? And if that is not bad enough already, cars fly through that highway at 45mph. I see some people sometimes even go 50 or 60. It is scary just to think about the many dangers involved in that highway.

    I am doing a paper for my school at moment that requires me to find a problem in the local area and compare to the pre amble of the constitution, the amendments and what not, and find a solution to it. I chose to do my paper on the intersection near haas. I want to get street lights, crosswalks, and hopefully some signs. I will be presenting it to the county council somewhere in the near. I really need supporters to back me up on this. I am going to make a facebook page that shoots for the improvement of highway 130. There has been “imporvements” done on it before, but it did not make much of a difference. If you would like to talk to me about it or you wanna follow the facebook page just send me an email and I will get back to you! Please please please help me! All i need is support! Thank you! :)

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