Hawaii County APEC Expenditures… $90,000 Allocated

Well now that the 2011 APEC Hawaii Summit is over some are wondering if it was worth it for our state to put out such taxpayers money for an event of this magnitude.

“…The actual APEC cost to state government totaled $3.2 million, 57 percent lower than the original projected cost of $7.5 million.Schatz said one reason for the lower APEC bills was that protesters during APEC were peaceful, and there were no arrests.”A lot of those funds, those expected expenditures, were in the case that something happened that had to be dealt with, whether it was mass arrests, or an air quality problem or a need for overtime for law enforcement officers,” Schatz said…

Despite the fact that it is well known that the State did stock up on pepper spray and other measures that could potentially cause harm to protestors, Lt. Governor Schatz stated the State will ask the Federal government for some reimbursements of the cost:

“We were one of the only national security special events in recent memory where there were no lawsuits, because we weren’t about to use law enforcement as a premise to shut down people’s ability to express their viewpoints,” he said.The state will ask the federal government for reimbursement for all the extra APEC security costs.

A lot of folks on the Big Island are wondering what, if any costs were incurred by Big Island officials for this conference.
According to the recently updated Department of Finance, Purchasing Division, and Professional Services Awarded website it appears that $90,000.00 was allocated for APEC out of Hawaii County taxpayers money:
My guess is that the majority of this money went to a reception that was held on Wednesday, November 9th, the night before the APEC Conference began.
The county went all out on this reception greeting everyone that came in the door with an orchid lei from the Big Island.

Councilwoman Brittany Smart and Mayor Kenoi sporting Big Island leis

The event lasted from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm and consisted of heavy Big Island pupus…

Big Island Grindz

I don’t have a breakdown of where the $90,000.00 may or may not have gone to… but I assume the Big Island entertainers that were brought there were paid such as Na Hoku Hanohano Award Winners Kuana Torres Kahele and  Mark Yamanaka.

Big Island Musicians Rule!

And K’uipo Kumukahi:

Kuuipo Kumukahi

I can only assume that many county officials expenses were paid for such as air, hotel and car rental expenses… since they were there to “Promote the Big Island”.

Mayor Kenoi talks to a Washington DC Reporter while the cameras roll

Word went around the coconut wireless that folks were to wear clothes that represented the Big Island and I sure saw a lot of Sig Zane Design clothes there!

Mayor Kenoi and his wife along with Lt. Governor Brian Schatz sporting Sig Zane Designs Clothing from the Big Island

Video: Hawaii Democratic Revolution of 1954


Information about the Hawaii Democratic Revolution of 1954:



REO Speedwagon Tonight at the Hilton Waikoloa Village

REO Speedwagon is playing at the Hilton Waikoloa Village Resort on the Big Island TONIGHT, and playing on Maui at the Castle Theater on November 27th.

Formed in 1967, signed in 1971 and fronted by iconic vocalist Kevin Cronin since 1972, REO Speedwagon has – for decades – been a confounding blend of consistency and change.They rode in station wagons, going from tiny gigs to even tinier gigs, just to get the REO name out in the early days. Later they rode the top of the charts with a RIAA certified 22 million albums sold in the U.S. and 40 million around the globe, with a string of gold and platinum records and international hit singles. The 9-times certified Hi Infidelity remains a high-water mark for rock bands…

REO Speedwagon

REO Speedwagon

Here is the bios of the current band members:
Kevin Cronin
1972, 1976 – present
Lead Vocals / Rhythm Guitar
Kevin first joined REO Speedwagon in 1972 for the album R.E.O./T.W.O. on which he wrote 3 tracks including Music ManHe left the band during the recording of the Ridin The Storm Out album, due to creative differences. The vocal tracks for the album were rerecorded by Mike Murphy. Kevin’s original version of Son of a Poor Man appears on the album A Decade of Rock and Roll

Kevin rejoined the band in 1976 for the album R.E.O on which he wrote the long-time favorite, Keep Pushin’ as well as two tracks he co-wrote with Gary

In 1977, Kevin and Gary took over the band’s production, and since then Kevin has been a tireless frontman, writing many of the band’s most popular tracks, including their first top 40 hit, Roll With The Changes and their first number one, Keep On Loving You

More information about Kevin Cronin can be found here.

Dave Amato
1989 – present
Lead Guitar / Harmony Vocals
Dave Amato joined REO in 1989 for the album The Earth, A Small Man, His Dog, and a Chicken, after playing with Ted Nugent and Bon Jovi’s Richie Sambora. He has also toured extensively with Cher.Besides playing guitar, he sings high harmonies and has done studio background vocals for various groups from Petra to Motley Crue.

Bruce Hall
Bass Guitar / Lead & Harmony Vocals
Bruce Hall joined REO Speedwagon after the You Get What You Play For tour. His first track written for REO was Lost In A Dream from 1974 (co-wrote with Mike Murphy).The first track REO recorded featuring Bruce’s vocals was Back On the Road Again from 1979, which was also a successful single. Since then, Bruce has written several other tracks, including Someone Tonight, Girl With The Heart Of Gold, Thru The Window, After Tonight and more recently Born to Love You.

For more info on Bruce go to: www.brucehall.net

Neal Doughty
1971 – present
Neal was a founder member of REO Speedwagon, the only one still in the current line-up.157 Riverside Avenue, the oldest track still in the REO live set, owes a great deal to Neal’s virtuoso improvisation, whereas on Ridin The Storm Out (1973), Neal introduced the classic Minimoog synthesizer sound to REO’s line up.

Neal also wrote Sky Blues from 1973, and more recently, One Lonely Night from 1984 and Variety Tonight from 1987, from the album Life As We Know It, which also features an electronic sax solo played on an Emulator digital sampling keyboard.

Bryan Hitt
Drums / Percussion
Bryan Hitt first appeared on the 1990 album The Earth, A Small Man, His Dog, and a Chicken.He was chosen by the band after a two-day audition featuring some of the finest drummers in Los Angeles. He has toured with Wang Chung and The Spencer Davis Group and was much in demand as an L.A. session player until joining REO.