University of Hawaii Announces Reusable Water Refill Stations

Sustainable UH is excited to announce that the most advanced reusable water bottle refill station in the world is now available on the UH Mānoa campus.
Refill station benefits over bottled water:

1) Five stage filtration system including a sediment filter, carbon filter, coconut carbon filter, reverse osmosis, and ultraviolet light provides the highest quality best tasting water. “Purified” bottled water companies use reverse osmosis as their main filtration system.

2) Chilled to 42 degrees Fahrenheit.
3) 25¢ fills instead of bottles for $1.50.
4) A 25¢ fill a day costs $91.25/year. A $1.50 bottle a day costs $547.50. That’s a savings of $456.25 per year for better water!
5) No more bottled water pollution.
6) No possible plastic leaching of harmful cancer causing BPA.
7) Refill your bottle in just eight seconds and be on your way to class in no time.

Bring your own bottle to UH Mānoa’s brand new refill station outside of Kuykendall Hall on the Campus Center side.


Save money, save the planet, and save your health.

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  1. Nice for the Students!

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