UH Mighty Micromouse on Display at APEC

The University of Hawaii Micromouse is being displayed at the 2011 APEC Summit.

The Micromouse has quite an interesting history going back to 1995.

In the beginning…..1995 – 1996

Two very foolhardy students decided to work on the micromouse. One of the students decided to work on the micromouse as his Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) pledge project, and brought in his partner as the third member. After many, many meetings and many, many cups of coffee, the group was able to make a maze solving algorithm, specifications for an efficient mouse, and a prototype mouse, the Hokule’a. The prototype proved that they were on the right track of making a mouse. Behold, the Hokule’a…

More on the history of the Micromouse here: History of the Micromouse

This is a video of the current Micromouse that the University of Hawaii at Manoa is putting on display for APEC 2011.


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