Councilman Yagong’s Email Account Hacked – “With Best Regards” My Okole!

Last night at 10:29 pm I got a suspicious email that came from Councilman Dominic Yagong’s email that looked like this:

This afternoon, Councilman Yagong sent the following out to folks on his email list:

Hello Everyone,

Please disregard any email you may have recently received from me regarding pharmaceutical products, among other things.
My account has been hacked. My County Council account will remain the same, however, I will be changing my personal email account.

Warmest Aloha,
-Dominic Yagong

I asked him on his facebook account if it would be OK if I shared this with folks on my website and he said:

Councilman Yagong's Facebook Image

Councilman Yagong's Facebook Image

That would be great Damon! Mahalo – Dom

You can still reach Councilman Yagong at his County Email Address:

This seems eerily reminiscent to when Representative Kimberly Pine’s email was hacked just recently as  reported by the Civil Beat back in June:

Hackers briefly seized control of the government email and website of Hawaii state Rep. Kymberly Pine.

The email account — — was taken over on Thursday, and follows the hacking of her website — — in late April.

I do find it a bit coincidental, that the person that was eventually found to have hacked into Rep. Pines account seems to get his hands dirty in a lot of things.  Hawaii Island Journal reported the following on the alleged person.

…The man discovered to have hacked Pine’s website and email account is Eric Ryan, the same Eric Ryan who claims to have designed Internet templates and graphics for Pine’s 2010 re-election campaign.  If Pine had done her research before hiring Ryan for the job, she may have avoided the recent Internet issue altogether.  Just last year, Republican candidate John Carroll’s website was transformed into an anti-Carroll portal…

At least on behalf of us taxpayers… we can be thankful that his county supplied email seems to be still intact.

Which reminds me why I must change my password on my federal job every 30 days.

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  1. You should learn and understand the truth before you write and publish such nonsense. Rep. Pine was never hacked. She sent an unflattering e-mail by herself from her campaign’s iContact account. Then she pretended she was hacked. Then she filed false complaints with law enforcement which have gone away.

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