Lawsuit Claims Bank of America Calls Honolulu Widow 48 Times a Day Seeking Mortgage Payment

Interesting lawsuit and talk about a persistent collections agent!

A Hawaii woman is suing Bank of America for allegedly calling her up to 48 times a day for her mortgage payment after her husband died of cancer.

The 63-year-old woman, Deborah Crabtree of Honolulu, claims the bank’s “robo-calling” debt collectors rang her phone every 15 minutes, from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.

It all started Aug. 3 of last year, the day after Crabtree’s husband died. Bank of America called Crabtree to request the monthly loan payment on one of her two mortgages. The couple’s mortgage payments, totaling nearly $3,000, were due on the first of the month.

According to the lawsuit, Crabtree told the bank that she had only $5,000 for her expenses, which included burying her husband and preparing for his wake. She said she had asked for 30 days to get everything in order and promised to┬ápay as soon as she received her husband’s life insurance benefit.

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  1. A good friend of mine who works for one of the old “ma bells” taught me the quickest way to end harassing “computer phone calls.”

    Here is a link to various “recordings” from various telephone companies. What I found most effective was using as my voice mail greeting the message that says my number has been disconnected. You will need to make sure the real people you want to talk to understand your number really is not disconnected.

    These recordings emit a series of tones first, followed by the recorded voice. Those tones – they instruct the calling computer to immediately remove your number from their data base.

    I had one phone line that was getting 50 telemarketing calls a day. Within 48 hours of making my voice mail say my number had been disconnected – they stopped.

    And not one telemarketer call since.

    It works – but again you got to tell the real people who are calling you what the game is!

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