Honolulu Rail – Sumitomo Corporation of America Decides Not To Appeal

Sumitomo Corporation of America (SCOA) has decided to not seek judicial review of the decision of the hearings officer of the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA).   After careful consideration, the company has concluded that an appeal will not be in the best interests of Honolulu , SCOA, or the project at this point.

“As much as we still strongly disagree with the rulings that have been made so far, we felt it was time to step back and let the City go its course, said Gino Antoniello , Vice President, Sumitomo Corporation of America, Transportation Systems and Equipment Unit.  “As we stated from the beginning of our protest, it has never been our intention to hurt this project or stand in the way of it being built,” he added.

As the only qualified offeror, SCOA’s decision not to appeal should in no way be interpreted as loss of interest. To the contrary, SCOA will remain ready to fulfill its commitments should the City not be able to proceed with Ansaldo due to any problems that might prevent them from fulfilling their offer.

“SCOA has a heritage that spans over 400 years.  Longevity of this magnitude means that we do not make impulse decisions or engage in prolonged legal battles – even where we believe we are correct and, for this reason, we have decided not to appeal.  Hopefully our challenge has helped raise awareness and ensure success as it relates to this very important project so that the taxpayers of Honolulu will not have buyer’s remorse down the road”, said Antoniello.

SCOA presented its case that an award to Ansaldo does not represent the best value to the City. Even though the hearings officer dismissed SCOA’s appeal he acknowledged but did not address the merits of a number of concerns that were raised.

“We believe that these concerns, now well-known, should have continued scrutiny and would be best deliberated and considered by HART through its board and executive director, states Antoniello.  SCOA stands ready to proceed with the project and reaffirms its commitment to bring its experience, technology solution, and extensive proven track record for this project.”

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