SpaceX Launch Pad in Hawaii?

Could Hawaii potentially capitalize on it’s location and become the next SpaceX launch facility?

I remember a few years ago they were thinking about putting rocket planes here in Hawaii.

According to the Cosmic Log at MSNBC, NASA has been thinking about it: “SpaceX Looks for an Extra Base

“We have our main launch facility, which is Cape Canaveral in Florida. Then we are in the process of developing our second launch facility, which is Vandenberg in California. And we do intend to develop a third launch facility. Texas is one of the possible states. But we’re also looking at a number of other locations: Puerto Rico, potentially another location in Florida, potentially Hawaii. And there are a few other locations that could work. So we’re trying to make the right decision for the long term.

I think this would be a perfect project for the Big Island!

I still remember when NASA was here up on Mauna Kea showing us how they could extract water out of moondust!

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  1. There has been talk of a space port since the 60’s. Ocean View was supposed to be for the rocket people, there would be roads, water and THREE schools (it was advertised) I won’t hold my breath.

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