Sore Sunday – Recovery

Well as many of you know I was brutalized by a police officer the other day.  It’s been nearly a day and half since it happened.

Today I was actually able to get out and help with a neighborhood clean up sponsored by Opala in Paradise where we cleared three truckloads of garbage out of Hawaiian Acres.  I wasn’t able to be as effective as others as I’m still sore as hell but it was good to get out and walk around as my body has been feeling pretty tight and stiff since the incident.

Drove by two cop cars on the way there and my heart rate instantly went up as I drove by them… That’s never happened to me before!

I was about to do some laundry when I came across the clothes I was wearing that fateful night and I’ve decided not to wash it or wear it again as it may be a part of the evidence.  Here is the front of the shirt.

Who is @damontucker?

This is one of my Twitter shirts that clearly identifies who I am when I cover some things like this.  The [IRL] stands for “In Real Life” (as opposed to online).

Both shoulders are marked where I was rubbed into the ground right inside the gate to the Luquins parking lot and my stomach appears to have gotten a bit dirty.

Here is the back of my shirt:

True Blood

The back of the shirt shows the blood in the middle of my back and the lower back area as well as the dirt from the ground on the shoulder.

Here are the shorts I was wearing:

One of my favorite pairs of shorts I can no longer wear!

Nice tear above the pocket…  I assume that this was done in the process of throwing me to the ground.

Dr. Gary has asked me to follow up with a doctor the Hilo Medical Center has recommended on Monday when they open.  I’m still sore as heck and I’m just glad I have some pain medicine to get me through this recovery.