Abused by the Big Island Police and Arrested for Taking Cell Phone Pictures and Camera Photos

I went to Pahoa Village Club to cover the concert that was happening there last night and ended up with a lot more then I bargained for!  I got arrested for taking pictures and videos of cops arresting people!

I will be filing a lawsuit against the Hawaii County Police department soon for a few things tomorrow…

Mainly the police have now confiscated my camera and cell phone as well as roughing me up and locking me up in a police detention holding cell for taking video and pictures of them in action from the sidewalk in front of Pahoa Village Cafe.

People are allowed to take pictures and videos of police officers w/out getting roughed up.  I’m battered, bruised and bloody from an officer slamming on the sidewalk… Thankfully I have eyewitnesses that will come forward to say what happened.

My wife took pictures shortly after I was released from jail tonight…

I just want my cell phone back and camera back…. I was rolling video when the officer took me down and they took my cell phone and camera from me for “Evidence”.


*UPDATE* I’ve added pictures of my body wounds here: https://damontucker.com/2011/08/06/a-police-officer-brutalized-me-and-arrested-me-for-taking-pictures-pictures-of-my-body/

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  1. Hey Damon, what was the resolution to all of this?

    • No resolution as yet…. although the Prosecutors Office dropped the criminal charges against me.

      • Damon,
        While researching the law in regards to filming police in Hawaii, I discovered this incident. I was wondering if you could provide an update for 2013. Hope you were able to successfully address this grievance. Aloha.

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