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A Police Officer Brutalized Me and Arrested Me for Taking Pictures (Pictures of My Body)

I mentioned early this morning that I was arrested and basically brutalized by a police officer last night in front of the Pahoa Village Club.

At the time I wrote that… I just wanted to make it public and was too tired to post some of the pictures and the actual ticket that I received or I guess it’s more of a summons to court:

Here are some of the pictures that my wife took shortly after they released me from jail… NEEDLESS TO SAY the Bruising, swelling and PAIN is even worst NOW then it was after the initial incident!

Right Shoulder and lower back busted up pretty good as well as my elbow felt like it was broken!

Right hand stepped on and smashed!

Left leg got a nice contusion

My right leg got a few scrapes as well

I’m having difficulty breathing today because I have deep contusions on my ribs explained doctor, Jerry Gray, at the Hilo Medical Center.  At least they aren’t broken and the x-rays were able to verify that.

I’ve been limping ever since the incident took place because of the bruise on my ankle!

I can’t lift my right arm above my head w/out feeling like it’s ripping every shoulder muscle I have!

While my  body will hopefully recover… I’m pretty pissed that the officer STOLE MY CAMERA!  At the time I was taking pictures of them… I was using my CELL PHONE and not my CAMERA?  Why would they take my Cell Phone and CAMERA in for evidence…. when once I left Pahoa Village Club… I put that to the side and was using my cell phone!  But NO!!! The cops have to take my cell phone and my camera away from me.

Do the police know that I need that phone for my FEDERAL JOB?

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43 Responses

  1. Me and my husband is a victim of police brutaluty. Please check out my website and comment on ut. Thank you. My site is michellencory808.com. please pass it on

  2. Damon please call me, Am Adam my phone 854-3532 Im victim of police brutality in Hilo, My incident worse then Yours! thank you!!

  3. Hey Damon, do you have a cite for the law on filming cops in Hawaii in public?

  4. If you are a drug dealer, expect to be beatne…the law is NOT on your side if you are already engaged in illegal activity!!!

  5. I have seen BOTH police corruption AND criminals LYING to police…

    …the freedoms that are being stripped fromLAW ABIDING, US CITIZENS with NO CRIMNAL RECORD are escalating, as are police coverups and kickbacks from criminals…

    Frankly, I don’t trust EITHER!

    The RAMPANT policecoverups and selctive enforcment are detrimental to their own PD reputaton in HI County…the FELONY COVER UPS of drugdealers who are NOT being investigated for illegal dealing is also disgusting, as are the NUMEROUS fbi reports that the federal gov/doj are BLATANTLY REFUSING TO INVESTIGATE POLCE CORRUPTION is just as bad!!!…

  6. How did court go yesterday?

  7. Sorry to hear that this happened to you…don’t let it deter you though. You are fully within your right to film any and every police activity if it is occurring on public property. Unfortunately this is happening all over right now:



    I’m just waiting for a stream-to-internet video camera to be released so that even if they manage to confiscate it…it’ll already have been uploaded. It’s too bad too that someone else wasn’t filming them while they attacked you. It’s really our only defense against corrupt police…using video cameras all the time.

  8. I agree with Bob Jacobson that there needs to be an independent Police Auditor. The County of Hawaii cannot afford any more law suits.

    • you should READ the corrupt one sided police reports regarding THEIR OWN VIWS of “outside oversight”…they are ABSOLUTELY DETERMINED, along w/ Lincoln, to PREVENT FAIR APPLICATION OF LAW, as well as PREVENT ANY OVERSIGHT in HAWAII COUNTY…
      WestHAwaii Today Editor in Chief, Reed Flickenger wrote an entire op ed piece regarding the corruption, and then was threatened to “keep his mouth shut”…looks like the threat worked!

  9. […] “alleged” beating of Damon Tucker ”allegedly” by a Hawai`i Island Police (HIPD) officer– a selection […]

  10. […] Press Pass August 12, 20112011-08-13T02:54:03ZF j, Y By Andy Parx The “alleged” beating of Damon Tucker ”allegedly” by a Hawai`i Island Police (HIPD) officer– the […]

  11. WOW! this is horrible. What — there was no police interference — video is possible in those cases. THIS SUCKS!

  12. Damon, the Feds (DOJ) was on the local news this AM regarding situations like yours, and their investigations of them – all the cases they mentioned there was a fatality in the incident. I am very happy that was not the case in your situation but you might want to check it out. It was the Sunrise news channel that has Howard Dicus doing the business reports.

  13. wow damon! dont let it slide ! go after them ,this is bs! we pay their salaries . this kind of stuff needs to stop now ! maybe you caught one of ’em on your camera doing something they were not supposed to be doing ,and so they took you out….organized crime ??? oh yeah ,you bettcha ….contact the feds and file charges,these guys need a good investigation on their selves…not to mention i heard they were already being investigated for crimes by the feds….make a lot of noise !!! aloha brah n take care ! stop by sometime

    • I agree! A Police Officer is a public servant, who is hired by the people for the people to protect and serve, the question is, who are they protecting and who are they serving? Are they protecting the Elite or the public? Why is this “motto” not finished with the word “public?” the motto should read “To Protect and Serve the Public.” We grant the Police with certain powers to protect and serve us (the Public), to keep us safe from harm and to provide a secure country from those who disobey. However, the power we have granted our Police Officers does not include breaking the law and disregarding our U.S. Constitutional rights as Americans.

      The Police in Pahoa regarding the Damon Tucker abuse case were clearly stepping outside the scope of the law, and entered the scope of criminal misconduct and illegal activity. I agree that the Police Force of Pahoa need to be educated on the First Amendment Rights of the U. S. Constitution. In any public or private area with permission, may video tape, take pictures, record audio and may even draw pictures to record as proof the actions of any event. This is all legal as long as doing so does not interfere with the duty of our Police Officers investigation.
      Need we be reminded of such tyrannical actions that reflect the Hitler police state “Gestapo” of Nazi Germany? As a resident of Pahoa Hawaii, this case brings shame to our Police Force and great Island we call home.

      I find it disturbing that the Police Officers had the audacity to take offense of being filmed, yet we the public are filmed 24hrs a day with hundreds if not thousands of Police cameras, not to mention the camera’s on every corner that also film us without our permission. It is clear that our Police Officers need to understand something we learn as kids which is The Golden Rule, “do unto others as you would have done unto you,” or perhaps “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander!”

      Damon Tucker clearly deserves to be compensated for his abuse by our incompetent Police Officers. This event has clearly shaped and altered his perception of what Police stand for. Is this the message we want to communicate with our public in society? They are sending a clear message that no one better video tape their actions or else you will get beat down, and I for one think this type of mentality is shameful and a poor example to send our youth who will be shaping our future to come.

      I think the Police Department and the county of Pahoa owes this man a huge warm apology, and personally I would like to see him compensated financially without wasting more tax payers money on court, which is more red tape! As a citizen of Pahoa I would like to personally apologize for the actions and misconduct of our Police Officers to you, Mr. Damon Tucker.

      Aloha! Peace, Love & Wisdom
      Christopher Lord

  14. You might want to read this, I think you’ll know how to respond..feel better and keep up the good work..don’t let this discourage you from doing what you enjoy doing most..reporting the truth…

  15. […] Seven pictures posted yesterday, taken by Tucker’s wife upon his return from the emergency room, show apparent multiple deep abrasions scraps and bruises on all of his extremities and torso.Tucker says his right shoulder is damaged, he is limping on his left leg and is in severe pain. […]

  16. I thought KPD was bad! KPinkerton was terrorized and tortured by KPD officers. All his phony charges were dropped. Kauai has the exact same problems in the police department and county government as the Big Island, Oahu and Maui. We have so many unsolved raped and murdered females on kauai that its disgusting. We don’t trust our non accredited police department or our corrupt county governance.

    I hope you will file a criminal report with the FBI and keep on the good fight. Be very careful for being retaliated against. Make sure your family and friends have cameras to record any retaliation against you and your family. Have Qik or Ustream to directly upload on web and protect yourself as deem necessary against all threats.

    Good luck and God Bless!

  17. OMG, damon.
    don’t even know what to say. thanks for being there and putting yourself out there in the name of journalism.

  18. If you are going to be taking video of the cops you MUST get software like Qik or Ustream to upload it directly to the web.

  19. Damon,
    If you get your phine back and the mem card has been erased.
    DO NOT take any pictures.
    Please give the phone to me . I do hard drive forensics and may be able to get the data back but not if you write over it .

    I would like to see some justice done here.

  20. […] reproduce the images which show the lingering affects of the assault. Please check out these links (here, and here) if you’d like to see what our local men in blue allegedly did to Damon that […]

  21. It looks like when the police assaulted you, they’ve sprained your ankle; you can tell by the dark patch which is from internal bleeding. I’ve done the same thing running down some stairs and landing on my foot badly, twisting it.

    It might be hard to put on shoes for a while, and a month or so until you can walk properly. But it will heal naturally.

    Sue the police for all they’re worth.

  22. […] Seven pictures posted yesterday, taken by Tucker’s wife upon his return from the emergency room, show apparent multiple deep abrasions scraps and bruises on all of his extremities and torso.Tucker says his right shoulder is damaged, he is limping on his left leg and is in severe pain. […]

  23. I am so sorry this happened to you. Can I ask what you were taking pictures of when this began? (just being niele…)

  24. This really pisses me off, but sadly it doesn’t surprise me. We need to make a big deal of this. Not to make light of what happened because it really is outrageous, thought you’d enjoy a little drama and levity to commemorate your ugly brush with the law:


    Gotta love how this ends!

  25. Found this through a Friends facebook post.

    You might be aware that police forces across the US are pulling similar stunts with regard to people photographing/taping them. It is unquestionably an abuse of obstruction statutes. The brutality you faced is surely the big issue on your mind, but your citation is total bull also.

    The ACLU has been taking up the cause, and I urge you to contact your local chapter.

    Wishing a speedy recovery.

    • Also, If you have not already done so, see a doctor IMMEDIATELY. Not tomorrow, not in an hour but NOW. You should be examined and have all of your injuries and symptoms documented by a doctor in photographs and descriptions.

      I’d tell you run, dont walk, but as you are limping….

  26. Aloha Damon
    I’m sorry you were hurt by these police. I hope you do blame the right people. The officers you encountered are trained to behave in exactly this fashion and their conduct is endorsed and promulgated by the police chief and mayor billy. To claim otherwise is just another lie. When I tried to pass an Independent Police Auditor law, the police and the mayor hung together. billy cursed at me during my efforts between his campaign stops he was making while collecting county pay. If he asked for the police chief’s resignation he could do something. Instead this facist state is what he wants and why the thugs paid to elect him.

    Did you know the police commission fired their investigator about six years ago? Internal Police Affairs does all their investigations if that is what you want to call them. That way the police don’t have to put up with any real oversight.

    Without accountability things will get even worse, because that is how billy and the Chief, and their masters like it.

    Go through a police commission complaint and you will see the commissioners are there only to eat lunch with the chief and suck up to the mayor.

    To go back to your injuries you will notice they are aimed at inflicting as much pain and suffering as possible so you hurt then and later. That way you won’t complain later, because you know you will get these injuries again and much worse. Your right hand was targeted so that every time you use your hand and knee and hip you will be reminded not to question authority and to be a good little fascist like you are told. Thewse injuries will bother you for at least six weeks and probably longer.

    Interestingly the police don’t swear to uphold County laws. Only state and Fed. When I asked to get them to swear to uphold county law the chief only laughed at me and said they would not ever do that. We only pay their salaries, they don’t work for us. Their bosses make that clear and the rank and file follows.

    Their clearance rate for murder it is high, why do you ask, is this the case? The answer , because they are corrupt. If they declare there is a crime there is a crime. If people are killed and the police don’t feel like investigating they declare it an unattended death, accident, missing person or deny that anyone even died. Diana Holmes never got any justice and no investigation. Friends of mine have been murdered and I told the cops and nothing was done. I reported abuse of cops’ wives and nothing was done even after the same cop murdered his wife. Cops kill elderly women in crosswalks in the middle of the day or homeless people by night. Nothing is done. The print press is owned by our masters and no real jounalistic efforts are directed at police problems.

    Lastly I can tell you your injuries not as bad as some. Young men are usually marked upp with a big scar on their face so that every morning when they look in the mirror they are reminded that the police are their masters and require blind authority. As a nurse I saw countless examples of the injuries we a talking about. Some of the police really enjoy leaving their marks on people.

    I’,m sorry again for your injuries. After all, my taxes paid for them. Good luck with the police commission. Judge DeSilva quit the commission because it is just a white wash agency to pretend we have justice. I wish our elected officials had enough balls to pass the Independent Police Auditor system.

    There are good police agencies in this country, just not here. Our masters only want us to protect THEIR lives and property and the system that lets them keep most people enslaved to help the rich. If our leaders wanted a system of policing that si good they could do it.


    Bob Jacobson, retired three term Hawaii County Council Member

  27. Time for all people to carry guns to protect against police brutality, and to back up other people being brutalized by police. You have a right to defend against assault by armed and dangerous thugs even if they are members of the Blue Line Gang. Its been getting worse and more blatant over the years because cops are seldom help personally responsible for their criminal actions. We The People are the Sovereign Law Enforcement in the United States of America, unless we let the cops usurp our Original Authority like we let Obama usurp the Office of President. We must get our County Charters changed to hold police accountable to our Mayor; we must establish a real Office of County Sheriff, elected by We The People as the top LEO sworn to uphold and protect United States Citizens from cops and other government abusers; and, REAFFIRM in the Charter that We The People are the ultimate Law Enforcement superior to all cops. I told a cop with whome I was having an otherwise civil discussion about the proper role of peace officers that he was a servant, and he started yelling at me “Did just here you call me a nigger,” he yelled. Cops are not our friends, they are gang members who take care of each other under color of law, and you are their enemy with a camera. Makaala !
    Aloha, George Peabody http://www.MolokaiAdvertiserNews.com

  28. Shouldn’t matter if it’s a Fed. employee or not. Cops are punks with too much power! We need less police, less military.

  29. The police actually do not report to the mayor. They, including the chief, report to the police commission.

  30. If YOU don’t make an issue out of this, it will happen again and again. Is that why they need 5 policemen in 5 cars with lights whirling to write up a single car incident with a telephone pole?

  31. Now you need to go to an MD and have an official medical report of your injuries, not just home pictures.

    PS when are we going to hear the whole story?

    • I was at the hospital for at least 4 hours. Hospitals don’t take pictures of things like this unless a complaint will be made against someone… and then guess who comes in and takes the pictures… THE POLICE… and they get to hold on to the pictures.

      I have the report from Dr. Jerry Gray… and the pain medicine to deal w/ this pain for the next few days!

  32. […] act of photographing police conducting arrests in his home town of Pahoa. His details are few, but he indicates he is beaten and bloody, and has had his camera and phone confiscated. Damon is known for a somewhat flamboyant style. […]

  33. Damon, I can certainly testify on how much pain you were in at the hospital, heck I’ve never seen you in that much pain… even when you broke your arm as a kid.

    In reading the photographer site listed by one of your commenters, it seems there is a lot of legal precidence in other states, that it is illegal for the police to do that.

    Maybe when you have the meeting with the mayor’s office on Monday about the wonderful job you guys are doing on the Opala project, they can help you get your camera back.

    So, do we now have to warn all people with cell phones… like citizens and tourists that if they photograph cops in action, that they will be arrested????

    • Thanks for being there to support me mom. I will be meeting w/ two folks from the Mayors team tomorrow for the Opala in Paradise project and I intend to mention this to them if they don’t already know about it.

  34. I think they are in deep doo doo for assaulting a Federal employee. Once they realize that they will probably try to settle.

  35. The memory card in the phone may still be intact.

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