Goodbye Hunter Bishop Dot Com Forever! URL: http://HunterBishop.Com For Sale

Well we all knew a long time ago that when Hunter Bishop took a job with the Mayor’s Office that he announced that he would be ending his very popular blog.

I think many of us were hoping that someday he would return to blogging on his own site.  I was clearing out some of my old bookmarks and clicked on Hunter’s old site ( and noticed that his domain is for sale.

I’m sure that Hunter himself has nothing to do with his old URL being for sale and I doubt he will receive any money if the site is purchased.  If you ask me… it almost seems kind of a sleazy thing to do already “Chucker”.

I’m sure Hunter would have no time getting his site back on legal grounds from anyone that did purchase his domain name from Chucker.

There aren’t too many “Hunter Bishop’s” in this world… I think Hunter should be able to own his own domain w/out having to freaking purchase it from Chucker!  There is something called cyber-squatting you know!

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