Governor Abercrombie Will Release Money for Bishop Museum and Polynesian Hall Restoration

Governor Neil Abercrombie receives the Charles Reed Bishop medal at the 13th annual Pauahi Awards and then announces that he will release $1.5 million for the Bishop Museum planetarium and $1 million for the Polynesian Hall restoration.


Goodbye Hunter Bishop Dot Com Forever! URL: http://HunterBishop.Com For Sale

Well we all knew a long time ago that when Hunter Bishop took a job with the Mayor’s Office that he announced that he would be ending his very popular blog.

I think many of us were hoping that someday he would return to blogging on his own site.  I was clearing out some of my old bookmarks and clicked on Hunter’s old site ( and noticed that his domain is for sale.

I’m sure that Hunter himself has nothing to do with his old URL being for sale and I doubt he will receive any money if the site is purchased.  If you ask me… it almost seems kind of a sleazy thing to do already “Chucker”.

I’m sure Hunter would have no time getting his site back on legal grounds from anyone that did purchase his domain name from Chucker.

There aren’t too many “Hunter Bishop’s” in this world… I think Hunter should be able to own his own domain w/out having to freaking purchase it from Chucker!  There is something called cyber-squatting you know!

UFO Caught on the Canada-France-Hawaii (CFH) Telescope on Mauna Kea?

*UPDATE* Please read Andrew Cooper’s explanation in the comments below.  This should clear everything up.

Someone pointed me to this video that the Canada France Hawaii Telescope on Mauna Kea captured on July 10th of this year and asked if I could explain the light that shoots across the screen near the bottom of the screen at the 1 minute and 24 second mark.  I really don’t have an explanation for it other then the fact that it’s definitely unidentifiable to me.  Can anyone else identify this Unidentified Flying Object (UFO)?

No… I don’t think the aliens are out to get us!


The CFH observatory hosts a world-class, 3.6 meter optical/infrared telescope. The observatory is located atop the summit of Mauna Kea, a 4200 meter, dormant volcano located on the island of Hawaii. The CFH Telescope became operational in 1979. The mission of CFHT is to provide for its user community a versatile and state-of-the-art astronomical observing facility which is well matched to the scientific goals of that community and which fully exploits the potential of the Mauna Kea site.

The Observatory headquarters are located in Waimea (also known as Kamuela by the US Postal Service), where CFHT has been part of the community since 1977. Waimea is a small country town of 6,000 nested at 2,500 feet in the saddle between the Mauna Kea dormant volcano and the Kohala mountains. Named by the 2000 Robb Report as one of the 10 most desirable places to live in the United States, it has retained its 150-year old Paniolo (cowboy) culture but also offers many conveniences of modern life. Along with its green pastures grazed by cows, horses, sheep, and goats, Waimea hosts excellent schools, a modern hospital, the Kahilu Theater, shopping centers, over a dozen restaurants, and more!

What the Hecht? Lack of Water for Planned Build Out – Public Meeting


The state Water Use Plan has not been updated since 1990, now we have a 2010 plan.  The article in West Hawaii Today states that:

 “…the aquifer that feeds Kona and the surrounding area…should the area see full build-out.. water demand would exceed the sustainable water yield.. by 4 or 5 times.”

South Kona, Waimea and Kohala will also not have enough water to provide to new residents at build out.

See the whole article:

PUBLIC MEETINGS:  Wednesday, August 3rd, at 6 pm Konawaena High School’s cafeteria and Thursday, August 4th, 6 pm at Waiakea’s HS cafeteria to discuss the Plan dated August 2010.

To view the report:


  1. WHAT is responsible development?
  2. If everything was built in the Kona/ South Kona/ Kohala areas tomorrow that’s allowed by current zoning and approved subdivisions, how many new homes would there be?
  3. Where would the water come from?
  4. Would existing residents be required to pay for new or updated water systems for new residents buying new homes?
  5. At what point in population growth do we put a cap on how many people can we provide with water?
  6. On the other side of the equation (excuse the pun) how much sewage can our soils absorb?  What is the limiting factor?
  7. Do we need legislation to guarantee that each new home have water for 50 years?

Mahalo for caring about our island!

Debbie Hecht

Sweaty Sunday – Global Legends Slime Attack (First Hand Account)

This is what happens when you sit front row and center at a Global Legends game.

Globetrotters Golden Legends Game

Paul "Showtime" Gaffney busts a move with a fan

Yep… my wife got SLIMED by Paul “Showtime” Gaffney: