Hawaii Police Department Gets New Website… Uses Grant Money to Fund It!

I just noticed the Hawaii Police Department got a new website.

To me it just looks like a regular blog to me!

I do find it funny that they had to pay money from a grant to get the site built.

This website has a new look. The redesign was financed by a grant and without the use of taxpayers’ dollars. We hope you find this updated site easier to use. As always, we welcome your feedback.

I wonder how much was paid for this site?  I could have built something like this in under an hours worth of time.  I certainly hope they aren’t paying someone to maintain the site.  That should just be a regular clerical duty.

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  1. I count 36 pages – at LEAST. I just did a website for a fitness center, and with installation, plug-ins, email integration, landing pages, form functionality, uploading images, formatting, content development, the fitness schedule with 20 classes that change month-to-month… it took me 20 hours at least! And that’s not counting the calendar plug in that broke the whole site and gave me the “white screen of death” which I had to figure out, trouble shoot and fix myself, with no help. And all this was donated time for a friend.

    I’m also working on another website with about 5-8 pages, but there was no content developed at all — and you just have no idea how difficult it is to write something, come up with logos, creative design and get a whole group to actually agree on one thing.

    So please don’t disrespect folks who build websites. Especially for complex organizations. Just the approval process takes 10 hours!

  2. Damon, an hour??

    I’ve done a number of sites from the ground up (using a blog format), making sure the server is set up with wordpress, tracking down images/installing headers, developing appropriate categories, writing content for each page (or editing content that’s passed to me), consulting with the client, and making sure each page *works. I’ve not once done it in under an hour. In an hour – presuming things went smoothly with the server – I could have the *template visible, but it certainly wouldn’t be ready to go or anything I’d be proud of!

    Mind you, I’m not suggesting that any of our government organizations overpay, or that web designers overcharge, but let’s not shortchange the people who do this kind of work for a living or make the Big Island community feel like it’s getting screwed when that may not be the case.

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