Pay Day Loan Store in Pahoa Opens… Already Desperate For Business

So the new Pahoa “Pay Day Loan Store” has opened in Pahoa.  The place will allow you to give them your gold at a price that only a drug user could love.

I can see why they would attempt to target the Pahoa and Puna vicinity…  I just don’t think their model will fly here as too many folks work under the table in general.

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This new Pay Day loan store in Pahoa is so desperate for business right now… that I guess the mainland corporation is willing to pay folks to stand on the side of the road to try and attract business to it.

I will say it again… this place isn’t going to survive.  I have nothing against new businesses moving into Pahoa… although I  don’t like the whole business operation of the place in itself.

I believe this will be a case where a business dies off by itself here in Pahoa simply because of the economy and principle alone.

Anyone want to place a $10.00 bet that this place isn’t in business in a year?

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  1. Regretfully, because I think payday loans are a scam (barely legal loansharking), but I’ll take your bet because there’s a sucker born every minute. If it’s open on July 11, 2012, you owe me $10. Otherwise, IOU.

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