New Poll on Whether Shopping Bags Should Be Banned on the Big Island

When I first started this blog I ran a poll and asked if plastic bags should be banned on the Big Island.  The results didn’t really surprise me at the time, however, my blog was just beginning then and I was wondering if things may have changed.

Here are the results from the first poll done nearly three years ago:

Plastic Bag Ban Poll

The results from the former poll done in 2008

So I will ask this again and see if the general consensus on things have changed:

[polldaddy poll=5209749]

4 Responses

  1. I grew up in Germany, where this question was dealt with 25 years ago. The solution was, that plastic ban were not banned, but (1) recycle bags were highly encouraged and (2) if you needed a plastic bag, i.e. at a store it was available, however there was a charge per bag of a dime. It worked very well and most people used their own re-usable bags, very few plastic bags were used, but in situations where you needed it, you had the option at a price.

  2. Yes, unless bags are biodegradable they should be banned. Shoppers can help show that the project will work by remembering to carry a cloth bag/bags in the car with them when going shopping at the grocery store or other stores, and their purchases can be put into their cloth bag(s). If the shopper is walking to the store, they should arrange to have the cloth bags available by the house or office door to remember to take them.

    After emptying the bag’s contents at home or the work place, they can place their cloth bags back in the car, or by the doorway if they walk to the store, so they can have the bags available the next time they shop.

    Carrying your own recyclable bags becomes a habit and is good for the planet.

    Barbara Frost

  3. Ecologically I agree, but on Maui this is a real problem for visitors who go to, for example, the ABC store on day 1 and have heavy bottles of liquids loaded in flimsy paper bags. I saw one guy’s bag break in the parking lot. Here in PA several stores use bio-degradable “plastic” bags. They work well and are recyclable. Everywhere on Maui stores sell bags to haul off their goods. The manufacturers of these cheap bags are probably making a mint and most of them will probably be left behind by visitors or thrown out.

  4. The U.S. , that includes us, consumes a million bags a minute.

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