Bank of Hawaii Gets International Commercial Lien Filed Against Them for Close to 10 Billion Dollars

I’m just passing this on and haven’t looked to much into it at all:

Guest Commentary from Gordon Ito:

The Bank of Hawaii Corporation has just had (6-26-11) an International Commercial lien filed on public record for its admitted fraud in handling a customer account, the amount of the lien is $9,905,000,000.00 thats right Nine Billion Nine hundred five million. The creditor says the bank in its filed papers admitted the Debt is owed, The Secured Party Liabillant is also considering filing of a Bankruptcy petition on behalf of the Bank, to protect his Largest secured party creditor position, as the Perfected lien Claim is approximate to the total admitted assets of the Bank. to view the lien go here;

Gordon Ito, Hawaii

4 Responses

  1. Larry,
    There is a report called the consumer credit report published monthly…it is really a consumer debt report. What is a credit to one is a debit to another, accounting 101, I’m sure you get all that.

    If your bank account is yours in your own name, can you please explain why you sign your checks above micro printed words “authorized signature”? What is the legal importance of that term used on a check?

    What is money my friend? It is simply an exchange mechanism, nothing more. When you realize you do not even use money, you use a debt instrument you will come to see the strands of lucidty contained in his filing.

    I bet you also can’t fathom that CAFR’s really exist either? So my little town has rouhgly 60M in cash sitting in the cash account and its just a mirage right? That’s why no government official will talk about it on the record right? There is nothign to hide…except in plain sight…perhaps you should actually tell your self first, me second, how is his legal argument not valid, on what grounds? Understand? :)

  2. Da.N.O. – Look Up Jonathan May…look up Leo Wanta…(not their wiki pages either)…you will understand the gold fringed flags flying inside all disctrict courts (not constitutional courts) are commercial courts arbiting commercial disputes. You made a contract when your momma signed you up for a SS#…you contracted with the corporate statehood to offer benefits but there are consequences to not followign their procedures…called fines and (excise, not capitation) taxes. You will never understand ANY of this without studying (and comprehending their meanings) two words: legal and lawful…

  3. I still don’t understand why this is a “maritime” filing. Someone help me out here.

  4. Pretty clearly a nutcase filing. If you read it, the claim appears to be that BoH, like all banks, somehow is defrauding all of us by misusing the term “creditor” and “debtor.” So give me $10B. I looked for anything from BoH, but just found a funny part where Legg (the plaintiff) more or less says “I reject the envelope you sent me back stamped with dismissive ‘stop bothering us’ stamps”

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