6 Year Old From Hawaii Wins Mainland “Mutton Bustin” Contest

This is kind of cool… or is it?

…A 6-year-old Hawaii boy was champion of the opening Mutton Bustin’ in the Park Saturday. Stone Jesse of Oahu says he likes surfing and practicing jiu jitsu but has never ridden a sheep before. Mutton Bustin’ is a popular rodeo event in which kids 6 and under wear miniature chaps and helmets and try to hold onto a running sheep

Mutton Bustin’ events are held every day of the Greeley Stampede rodeo and festival held each summer…

More Here: Mutton Bustin

I didn’t even know what Mutton Bustin was… so I checked out this youtube video that was posted yesterday.


If you ask me… it’s close to borderline child abuse!

Mutton Bustin

Mutton Bustin gone bad

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