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Bad News for Roger Christie… Mainland Minister of His Church Sent to Prison on Drug Charges

This can’t be good news for Roger Christie who is currently in jail waiting for his trial on his drug charges.

Roger Christie

Roger Christie in front of the now busted THC Ministry

Before being sentenced to prison Wednesday on a felony drug conviction, Robert Henry told a Franklin County judge that he is being persecuted for his religious beliefs…

Henry said he joined The Hawaii Cannabis Ministry in 2008, and planned to travel to Hawaii and study under the Rev. Roger Christie, the church’s founder. According to the church’s website, www.thc-ministry.org, followers believe the illegal plant is an essential religious sacrament…

…According to the site, Christie and 13 other church members were arrested July 8, 2010 on federal drug charges. They have been nicknamed the “Green 14.” Christie was the only member of the group denied bond and remains incarcerated. Their trial is expected to begin in early July.

When his sentencing was concluded, Henry made some final remarks to the judge.

“In closing, your honor, I would ask that if I made you mad or angry with my opinions, that you not hold it against any other here,” he said.

Walker interrupted Henry, and pointed out that he had not given him as strict a penalty as the law allows. He said that while everyone is entitled to an opinion, the law cannot be disobeyed.

As sheriff’s deputies were leading him out of the courtroom, Henry said to Walker that his religion requires him to break the law.

“OK, well keep practicing it,” the judge said.

“I’m going to,” Henry replied.

You just have to love that exchange between the Judge and Henry at the end there.

Full article here: Minister Sent to Prison on Drug Charges

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