IPv4 and IPv6 What is the Difference and What am I Missing?

Can someone in layman’s terms tell me what IPv6 vs IPv4 really means and how this could possibly affect Big Island internet users who are on Road Runner?  Does it even exist on the Big Island?

This is a screenshot of my current internet connectivity

Note in the picture above… it appears I do not have network access to IPv6.

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  1. It means: The Internet is full, please go home.

  2. Every machine on the Internet, whether that means your computer hooked up and browsing, or the machine hosting damontucker.com has a unique numerical address. In IPv4, that address is often coded as, for instance, 123.456.789.012. While that allows for a lot of machines, the numbers were assigned in huge chunks — “Oh, you have a small business? Okay, take every number between 123.456.0.0 and 123.457.000.000”

    So they’ve run out of numbers in IPv4.

    So IPv6 is a new, much bigger range and the protocols for divvying out numbers are different and there’ll be room for every device that will ever be invented and blah blah blah. Unfortunately, what they _didn’t_ do when inventing IPv6 was figure out a way to make it easy to slowly introduce IPv6 so that the Internet infrastructure could say “Where do you want to go? Oh, you want IPv4 123.456.789.012? OK, go over there? Oh, you want IPv6 2001:0db8:85a3:0000:0000:8a2e:0370:7334? Go over there. Next, please!”

    Instead, everyone has been dragging their feet hoping that someone would come along and make the IPv6 transition easy. So now that we’ve officially run out of numbers in IPv4 (and now all new IPv4 addresses will come from people selling or leasing their unused blocks), IPv6 adoption has hardly advanced.

    So people who run Internet infrastructure are facing a lot of not-easy work and pointing fingers and so forth.

    Anything for normal people to worry about?

    Not really. We’ll muddle through.

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