Holy Cow… A Centipede with Blue Legs and Antennas!

Two months ago I got bit by a centipede and it was the worst feeling I have ever felt.  Today I was able to extract a bit of revenge on one.

I was about to the dishes and I lifted up the dish tub and I was startled to find this buggah underneath it.


Centipede found in my sink

It wasn’t a very big one… maybe about 4 inches long.  I had my knives around me at the time so I quickly try to slice him up the best I could but he still stayed in tact after his death.

The weird thing about this one… was it had blue legs and blue antennas!

Blue Centipede

If you look closely you can see the blue color in its legs and antennas

I’m just glad I found it… before it found me!

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  1. Over the last 3 months I’ve found 3 exactly like that in my house in Kahalu’u. All dead (because we religiously use Ortho Home Defense) but still… disturbing! Thankfully they were small, about 2-3 inches. But I’m just thinking, if they are the babies, where is their mother.. and HOW BIG IS SHE???

    Kinda freaking out, cos I do not want to run into one of those when they’re alive >:(

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