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Maple Bars Topped with Bacon

How do you give a heart doctor a heart attack?


My friend on Facebook posted this and I just thought that this was so wrong in so many ways… that I might have to try it some time!

Maple Bars Topped with Bacon

This sounds almost as good as the Luther Burger!


Buy maple bars and add cooked bacon to the top.  This blogger would not recommend uncooked bacon.

*UPDATE* I just found out that this was purchased at Voodoo Doughnut in Portland, Oregon.

One Response

  1. Ok, so this was in Portland at Voodoo Donuts. We saw it on the Food Network and have been intrigued ever since. Not only the maplebars with bacon, but we bought a captain crunch donut, a cocoa puffs one, and a apple fritter the size of a football. Let me tell you what, that bacon maplebar was INSANELY delicious! Tasted like maple syrup on a bed of love!

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