Governor Abercrombie Releases 27 Million Designed to Create Jobs and Get the Money Flowing – New Day Work Projects

Aloha Everyone,

This week we announced the release of more than 27 million dollars for projects at public school facilities and the University of Hawaii system.


The projects are all part of our New Day Work Projects–designed to create jobs and get money flowing through our economy so that we all benefit.
Besides getting our economy rolling again, these projects are key investments in our students and education system–improving learning environments, keeping our children safe, and making our schools beautiful.
Across our islands, these projects will renovate classrooms that have fallen into disrepair, upgrade electrical systems to accommodate new technologies, improve athletic facilities so more kids can participate in sports, install air conditioning in school libraries to preserve the life span of books, and address health and safety concerns like asbestos removal and repairing storm damage.
The projects also include construction of research facilities on UH campuses on Maui, Oahu, and in Hilo that will generate research funding and new innovations.
Since I took office six months ago, I have approved the release of nearly $300 million for the New Day Work Projects. And our budget for the next year includes more than 1.4 billion dollars more.
The New Day Work Projects will put our family, friends, and neighbors to work–and the investment will stay right here in Hawaii.  Our economy is coming back strong, and I look forward to continuing this journey with you in the weeks and months to come.
Imua Hawaii!

Neil Abercrombie

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  1. The only thing flowing is the money out of my pocket!

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