The Worlds Longest Waterslide – Fishpipe Hawaii

When I was looking for something to eat in Kona the other day, I cruised over to the Coconut Grove Shopping Center on Ali’i Drive and noticed this weird contraption.

Fishpipe Hawaii

The Fishpipe Hawaii

It wasn’t operating at the time I went by there in the morning, but I did notice later on in the day that it was up and  running.

Fishpipe Hawaii

I looked on youtube to see if I could find any clips of it in action and I found this one:


I will have to check this out when I go over to Kona in a few weeks for the Toad the Wet Sprocket Concert.

2 Responses

  1. Anie, Sorry for your problem that day. The operator was on the phone with a tech from New Zealand as there was an electrical part that had failed and had to be repaired. She was on the phone with the tech and with a local electrician to have the part repaired. Very stressful for the operator being on international call…she is usually outstanding with her customer interactions. Next time you are in Kona you have two free rides on us! Aloha Fishpipe Hawaii

  2. Received a email about it so checked it out. Was a little bit irritated with the attendant. When we walked up she was on her cellphone. She ignored us as we were standing there. There was nobody else around. I had to interrupt her
    Phone call to ask about prices. She went right back to her phone. Tried to get her attention again because the kids wanted to ride. She ignored us so we walked away. My 7 year
    Old said “what’s wrong with her. Why wasnt she
    Helping me. Youre not suppose to be on your phone while you’re working”. We won’t be going back. What a way to run a business.

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