Police Release Results of Community Satisfaction Survey

Media Release:

Police Chief Harry Kubojiri and his top commanders have completed their analysis of individual comments from members of the public who participated in the Hawai’i Police Department’s Community Satisfaction Survey during December 2010.

The public may view the most common concerns from the public and the chief’s responses by going to the Police Department’s website at www.hawaiipolice.com and clicking on “Community Satisfaction Survey.”

Chief Kubojiri said the survey and follow-up analysis were tools to assist him in

  • identifying problem areas the community is experiencing with the Police Department
  • determining if he can rectify those issues through specific training of Police Department personnel
  • making changes to policies and procedures if necessary
  • clarifying misinformation about laws and/or police practices.

“Your input has been a key component in helping us in our quest to achieve the Police Department’s core value of Community Satisfaction,” Kubojiri said. “We thank you again for your participation in our survey and for helping us improve our services to the community.”

In addition to addressing the community’s concerns expressed in the survey, the Police Department will continue to hold monthly public meetings around the island to hear and respond to issues raised by the public.

For members of the public who participated in the Community Satisfaction Survey but didn’t see their concerns among the Frequently Asked Questions, the chief encourages them to raise their concerns at one of the public meetings or by using the “Feedback” link on the Police Department’s website.

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