Has Roseanne Barr Gone Nuts? This is Too Weird!

Oh my… I think Roseanne Barr has completely lost it or at least gone nuts!

As many folks know, Roseanne Barr now lives on the Big Island and is starting a reality TV show pretty soon.

I wonder about the “reality” that we are gonna see on this show with clips like this that were posted recently!


This stuff is just over the top!

She has admitted that she uses weed medicinally… I have to wonder what else she might be on!

9 Responses

  1. Has to be a spoof or joke although it seems a bit long for that. I watched the whole thing expecting a punchline or something. Unfortunately there are plenty of people that nuts living on the Hilo side.

  2. @comeseehawaii — na’ gunn’happen…it’s time to get off the tourism teet and start thinking about where hawai’i’s food will come from when oil hits $200/barrel or higher, which it very well could do.

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