A Back Door Tour of the Hilton Waikoloa Village

Last weekend we stayed at the Hilton Waikoloa Village and I mentioned that we got to see the Legends of the Pacific Luau on Sunday evening.

On Monday morning, I got to go on a “Back Door Tour” of the facility and that was very interesting.

I met with the director of public relations at 9:00 in the resorts lobby and the two of us began the tour by going downstairs to where the Japanese had their own guest services center.

One of the nice things about the property is that upon arrival you can simply hand your luggage off to the folks at the front and they literally take away your luggage underground and deliver it to your rooms.

If this looks familiar to folks in Kona… its because this came from the Old Kona Airport!

Employees access all areas of theĀ  resort on these “Tuggers” and there is about 1.4 miles of underground tunnels that they can drive.

Once the tugger gets loaded… it’s then trucked underground to your room.

There are about 1230 workers on hand at the place and during peak occupancy the wardrobe department tracks over 25,000 pieces of uniforms.

The employees are lucky in that they simply where their street clothes to work and then they check into the wardrobe department to pick up clean clothes and they don’t ever have to worry about washing their uniforms.

And they are pretty styling uniforms!

At peak occupancy, the Laundry Department handles over 35,000 lbs of linen!

My wife would so love to have one of these washing machines!

They also are real proud of their recycling program and since 2005 they have recycled more then 227,000 aluminum cans, more then 250,000 bottles, more then 237,000 plastic bottles and they average three to four 500 pound bales of cardboard each week.

Through the creation of a food waste program, the hotel provides a clean and reliable food source of food for local pig farms and reduces the amount of wet waste that goes into the trash compactor.

In just three months, a total of 186,280 lbs of food waste was diverted with this program and the local farmers really appreciate it.

Not only do the employees get free laundry service… each day they get a free meal at the Lava Rock Cafe that is hidden downs stairs and only available to employees.

I bet they don’t have to leave a tip either! :roll:

The Swiss made trams that travel through-out the property cost $3 million each and the Disney engineered boats cost $250,000 each!

We came out from some door downstairs at the end of the tour and all of a sudden we were at the ballrooms where I had tried out for the Wheel of Fortune in 2009!

The tours like this used to be advertised… but I didn’t see anything mentioning them this last time I stayed there so I had to personally inquire about taking the tour… so if you want to take the tour… I guess you will need to inquire if they are still available.

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  1. hi, Damon!

    I’ve been looking for blog posts about Waikoloa to feature on our site. If you’re interested, you can drop me a line at Brenda (at) Dwellable (.com)

    mahalo and Happy New Year!

  2. I was one of the first tugger drivers they had in 1987, when the tugger system was first built. I was working at Grayline Tours and quit to drive a tugger in the underground of the hotel

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