Prime Minister Henry Noa of the Lawful Hawaiian Government Announcing a Nationwide Free Election

From the Kingdom of Hawaii YouTube Site:

Prime Minister Henry Noa announces the upcoming election for the Kingdom of Hawaii on November 5th, 2011. Interview by David Lakota at the Mana Kau Kana Wai, the 35th Legislative Session of the Lawful Hawaiian Government in Oahu.

Prime Minister Henry Noa, Nobles, Representatives, and other members of the Kingdom, convened to conduct government business, and to conclude that upcoming election is among the most simple and poweful of means to unify the previously divided people of the Hawaiian Nation.

There are positions, filled and unfilled, for 24 Nobles and 24 Representatives, in the Kingdom of Hawaii, the Lawful Hawaiian Government. Several more of these seats were filled at the annual legislative session.

Leaders of the Hawaiian Nation are calling out to the Kanaka Maoli of Hawaii, and those who are living and traveling abroad, to “Come home.” Fill the remaining seats of the Lawful Hawaiian Government so that this sovereign Nation of Hawaii may be complete.

The nationwide free election for the independent people of Hawaii, both Kanaka Maoli and non-Kanaka Maoli is the single most powerful way yet undertaken for the unification of these Hawaiian Islands.


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