Telescope Man Scopes Me Out!

Over a year ago I was on Oahu and I posted a short post on my blog from my phone entitled  “A Waikiki View” where I joked:

I’ve seen everything… so I thought!  Here is a street vendor soliciting views of Jupiter through a telescope… and people are bucking up!

Well it turns out this guy is actually doing this to raise funds for college and he has a website set up and all.

He found my blog posting some how and left this comment:

Thanks for blogging about my telescope.
It’s a lot of fun, and helps pay the bills while I’m in college.

I actually dig this type of “Street Performers” as they actually provide a service other then a comedic relief.  Many of the street performers are straight kooky but this guy seems pretty cool!

On his biography about him he writes:

Hi, This is Carey Johnson a.k.a The Telescope Guy. I got my start in Waikiki amongst other “street performers” such as The Silver Guy, and The Basketball Guy.

I have been interested in photography since just before I joined the Navy back in 1986. I used to try to photograph the Full Moon rising over some body of water or landmark…

So check out his website QuarkCSJ where you can read more about him.

*Update* here’s a quick youtube video of  him on Waikiki Beach.


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  1. A much better activity than many of the street shows!

    Waikiki? Jupiter will be one of the few things you can see in that light pollution. Tough environment to do sidewalk observing.

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