Telescope Man Scopes Me Out!

Over a year ago I was on Oahu and I posted a short post on my blog from my phone entitled  “A Waikiki View” where I joked:

I’ve seen everything… so I thought!  Here is a street vendor soliciting views of Jupiter through a telescope… and people are bucking up!

Well it turns out this guy is actually doing this to raise funds for college and he has a website set up and all.

He found my blog posting some how and left this comment:

Thanks for blogging about my telescope.
It’s a lot of fun, and helps pay the bills while I’m in college.

I actually dig this type of “Street Performers” as they actually provide a service other then a comedic relief.  Many of the street performers are straight kooky but this guy seems pretty cool!

On his biography about him he writes:

Hi, This is Carey Johnson a.k.a The Telescope Guy. I got my start in Waikiki amongst other “street performers” such as The Silver Guy, and The Basketball Guy.

I have been interested in photography since just before I joined the Navy back in 1986. I used to try to photograph the Full Moon rising over some body of water or landmark…

So check out his website QuarkCSJ where you can read more about him.

*Update* here’s a quick youtube video of  him on Waikiki Beach.