Honolulu and Big Island “On the Cheap” Says Aloha

I noticed a few days ago that it appears that Kris Bordessa and Leslie Lang, the folks behind Honolulu on the Cheap and Big Island on the Cheap have posted a post stating that they were moving on and this was their last post!

…As you can imagine, running the websites and sharing these daily deals takes time. Our schedules continue to be full with other work projects, to the point where it’s clear that something’s gotta give. It is with regret that we close our virtual doors as of today

I’ll miss these sites, but I’m sure that knowing both of them… I think they may have something up there sleeves even better then what the “On the Cheap” sites were.

I’m going to leave the site up on my site and the FBI Blogs for at least another week in case they change their minds!

Which leads me to my other thought that I’ve thinking about lately… is how much time should a person devote to things other then themselves at times?  You can give so much… but if you never see anything in return… then it’s like the old saying “When the Pain Exceeds the Pleasure… It’s time to Push On!”

I haven’t put much time into the FBI Blogs of late simply because I’ve been waiting for it to get automated.  I think I’m gonna have to rev up the conversation with those involved with that again soon enough!

Especially as we see things like The Civil Beat finally giving away there news without requiring folks to pay for things.  I wonder what there profit model will be now?

Any billionaires want to sponsor the FBI Blogs?

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