My 2011 New Years Resolutions… Well a Few

Well everyone is tossing out their resolutions so I thought I would toss out some of mine.

  • I resolve to figure out how to use Facebook and Twitter more effectively!
  • I resolve to continue to post once each day even if it’s just a press release or a youtube clip.
  • I resolve to give myself more time for my son’s activities.
  • I resolve myself to paying more attention to the part of the yard that is not seen by the general public!
  • I resolve to call my mom at least once a week to make sure she is doing ok.
  • I resolve to try and make more of the Big Island Internet Society Meetings then I have been able to make of late.
  • I resolve to become more open minded to “Apple” products.

I’ll end this now before I make a resolution that I really don’t want to!

One Response

  1. Nice to know you’re trying to improve, Damon! :) I think you’re perfect just the way you are! Still call your mom tho.

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