Hawaii Indoor Go-Kart Racing to Begin in January

Podium Raceway Hawaii indoor go-karting is opening next month out in Barbers Point on Oahu.

Go-karts  Reach 45 M.P.H  and run off electricity so there are no fumes from gasoline.

The go-karts  in the video below are the Junior Class, this was a private event to test out the track. They will officially open next month.


Drivers start your engines, the race of your life is about to begin! Podium Raceway Hawaii (PRH) is proud to announce the Grand Opening of Hawaii’s first and only indoor electric kart racing track. Race fans, motorsport enthusiasts, friends and family: come experience the most thrilling race of your life.

The facility, a 44,000-square-foot venue located in Kapolei on the island of Oahu, is designed to thrill racers with a quarter-mile indoor track that houses 35 electric karts, allowing as many as 12 drivers to compete side by side. The track boasts four hairpin turns, two straight-aways, and a race against time that’s sure to have you on edge…

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  1. What are the rules and age limits? Phone number directions ect?

  2. when exactly do you open

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